These notes on my Google Keep are not helping me at all

I found this on my phone today, under Google Keep:

Why the Lego Movie is evidence of Time Travellers from the future

And then there was nothing after that.

Then I remembered bolting out of bed about two weeks ago, inspired, excited, ebullient with this idea. But it was too late to do anything about it, so I would have to write it in the morning. But I knew that I just had to leave this note to myself a reminder. Because it was too good an idea to forget.

I’ve completely forgotten what the evidence was. But I won’t delete this message from my phone. What if, one day, I look at it, and whammo I suddenly remember everything? And what if it’s really good? What if it’s true? Is it not worth keeping the note around on the very slim but incredible chance? What’s the harm? It’s not like it’s adding any weight.

The harm is that my phone is now full of notes I don’t understand but can’t delete lest one of them contains a cure for cancer. If someone were to read the notes on my phone they would think I had a disorder.