Five things I learned this week

  1. No one has yet referred to what’s happening in the Ukraine as Anschluss. But it won’t be long. And whoever does it first will be called a pundit. It won’t be me. You have to have people paying attention to you first.

  2. My 5 year old son asked me how to spell curious. I think it’s ironic, but I’m from the 90s, so I’m no longer sure.

  3. I just realized that the only people who call me on my land line are telemarketers and my parents. I’m paying $40 a month to let telemarketers call me.

  4. A conversation with my 5 yr old son, who has to pee.
    Ben: Dad, would you watch me?
    Me: What, no, I … okay fine.
    Ben: (One hand on his backside, hips thrust forward) (looks me in the eye)
    Me: I gotta go

  5. For Easter, we had a ham. You know, ’cause Jesus was a jew …