The tragedy of the commons in literature

Think about this. This is important. It’s really, really important. Suppose you are, indeed a prodigy. Suppose that you are funnier than one percent of one percent of one percent of the people out there. In other words, you are one in a million. In a collected sample of one million people, there’s a good chance you are the funniest person in that group.

Here’s what that means. There are a thousand people on Facebook as witty as you. There are over three hundred people tweeting stuff as good as or better than yours.

That’s if you’re incredibly unique. Let’s say you are just unique. Let’s say that you are the top 99.99th percentile. There are a hundred thousand Facebook users funnier than you. There are literally tens of thousands of people tweeting better shit than you every single day.

Luck is important now more than ever.